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July 26, 2007

As Talk Talk aren't releasing records any more...

Thank you Groove Armada.

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You have let me down, the internets

I am rather surprised that, after prolonged trawling of sound effects library websites, I am unable to obtain a sound effect of a woman making a gagging noise *anywhere* online.

[Insert your own jokes here]

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July 17, 2007

For Marv

Nokia N95 blog - Everybody is flying their Nokia N95 nowadays

So, next time we take the kites out, I need to bring the gaffa tape too... :-)

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Quicker, faster

Ive often been fascinated by the compacting of language through technology. We seem to be going through a redefinition of language, and the nuance conveyed by very sparse language, that would have given the Grimm Brothers the heebie-geebies.

Of course, we had the Guardian SMS poetry competition.

Then there was the BBC Films Site with its Haiku reviews.

And now this:

Facebook | I bummed Jessica Rabbit and want to explain in 4 words my experience.

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July 11, 2007

Not just there for the trivial things in life

Sorry, been a bit quiet here. Like everyone else, I have been totally immersimg myself in Facebook as a means of self-expression recently.

Particularly using the mobile version m.facebook.com, which I hugely recommend, it's even easier to put up slightly witty trivia about yourself - maintaining the illusion that your life is more intersting than it really is. Digital melodrama.

But while looking through my friends list, one status message stood out today:

[person x*] is in love with his wife.

And I thought, that's it. Simple stuff that matters. Substance and sincerity. We don't see enough of that on facebook. And perhaps we need to be reminded to save ourselves from our own worst tendencies.

* The anonymity's probably not really needed here, but just in case.

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