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December 24, 2006

Recent Learnings

1) It is possible to go for more than two weeks without looking at Flickr.
2) Using a laptop for 2 hours a day on the tube undoes all that good work with the ergonomic keyboard and alexander technique.
3) When learning sightreading music, you need to teach your brain first. Your fingers will look after themselves.
4) Cluetrain is great when dealing with people who have some understanding of the power of the net. When not...it can backfire horribly. It will win, it's just it's going to take a lot longer. And won't involve a website.
5) Families are better than work - make sure you get to see them.
6) As above for friends.
7) Active living happiness, albeit a huge slog and with the occasional bit of horrible, is far better than years of going mad waiting for someone else to decide you can now be happy.

Happy Christmas everyone.

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