Tom Dolan - NotCon - Shit, I'm A Manager
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This was a talk given by me on 6th June 2004 to a gang of 50 or so interested techie folks at the NTK-organised technology conference NotCon. The idea was to introduce the craft of people management to those new to it, and to give hope and useful practical advice to those who felt they were floundering.
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The powerpoint of the talk is now available with the text of the speech in the 'notes' area. right-click on this link and choose 'download' or 'save target as'

For the non-MS-enhanced, or for those who want to discuss the slides, it's also available as a set of blog posts.

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The original blurb
Being young, arrogant, and occasionally slightly socially inadequate, the New Media and IT industries have been spectacularly bad at getting people ready for having to look after others. Management was either 'the enemy', 'something to be avoided' or 'easy and anyone can do it'.
In fact, people management is a learned skill, and one that many people don't take the time to learn.
We will run through the bare essentials of what you are most likely to get problems with, and some strategies for coping with having to get people to do things.
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