June 09, 2005

52 4 U

I note with great excitement that Tim Wright's Oldton Playing Cards will shortly exist.

Oldton is a great site, a fascinating browse, and it's great to see one of our finest digital writers come back to the physical world. Admittedly in his usual inimitably, inspiringly different style. When online caroline is long gone, and nobody has software that can still read JPEGs, we can look back at how interactive fiction evolved in the early 21st Century.

Do order a pack.

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October 29, 2003

Multiviewpoint Narrative

This article on BBC News Online chronicles the evolution of the IDS story throughout today in a blog-like form.

Interesting to see how the stories from different reporters in different places around westminster and his constituency collide to give a real sense of news happening and its context.

Online drama folks, please take note.

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