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February 23, 2008

doing battle with the dishes

doing battle with the dishes
Originally uploaded by Nicky Thomas
Hurrah for Nicky and an alternative take on a photo project.

For those not signed up to her photostream I highly recommend it!

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Out of the Mouth of Virals...

Someone sent me a Steve Ballmer-like clip of a balding white man getting down to some Reggae.

But I'm really glad I followed the links back to the original YouTube clip, read the comments and beyond.

So do click on the video link and enjoy David Rodigan talking about the creation of his own dub plates at King Tubby's

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February 21, 2008


So there I am, looking through the BBC website, trying to get a feel for what they might want to commission next, when I come across this promo pic for Hotel Babylon:

And I think, hang on, isn't that all the Dulux bumpers from Ugly Betty condensed into one photo?

Thankfully, for the one avid reader, Tom Is Entering A Creative Time. So this should mean lots more links to nonsense, and a lot less trying to summarise my life through facebook status updates. Probably.

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February 04, 2008

Getting to Grips with Scrum

Very interesting reading Tom Hume talk about Future Platforms early experiences grappling with Scrum. It's great reading - a far more tangible version of JoelOnSoftware.

In the early sprints, we had a lot of work which "just had to happen" - like many companies of our size, I suspect - and we consciously planned in more than our initial figures showed us we could realistically handle. Overcommitting in this regard didn't actually get more work done, even when the team visibly felt the additional pressure.

I watch with interest...

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