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March 28, 2007

On The Up-side

Mum's latest oeuvre 'The Third Elephant' is now available to buy at Amazon, with wonderful illustrations by Helen "Angelina Ballerina" Craig. Ideal reading for the seven-year-old in your life.

Oh, and I just played Debussy's first Arabesque from start to finish without stopping. Something that would have been unimaginable for the self-taught narrowly-focussed synth player of 2002. Okay, it was lumpy and had a fair few bum notes, but I managed to keep going. And with Chopin Nocturnes starting to look, if not easy, then at least approachable, I'm starting to realise just how far my piano playing (and even music reading) has come.

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It's very strange being in a position where you have just *so* much you want to say on a blog.

But having spent the last few days reading and re-reading multiple 50-page legal documents, knowing exactly why you can't say it.

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Nairn left the BBC

Tom of the Dolan
Originally uploaded by nairnski.
Look at his happy smiling face.

Look at my actually quite pissed face. And I was one of the ones who left while the going was still good. A lovely evening was had by all though.

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March 14, 2007

A Curious Day

Suspended or axed.

Take your pick.

BBC Jam* is soon to be no more.

But shortly after that it could be far far better. And easier.


Weirdly, this hiatus (if indeed we find out that is what it will be to us suppliers) comes as a moment of blessed relief to me given current workloads - a chance to reset some straggling project threads and concentrate on some other things that weren't getting enough time.

But it's still something of a shock. And for those affected, inside the BBC and out, I guess we all just hold on tight. Even those who don't even really know yet.

The tragedy, of course, is that the content which is currently visible really isn't representative of what was about to go live. But I guess the dodgy world of business needed it to stay that way. As long as business interests are protected, who cares about advancing the medium or the consumers. Sigh.

Another drink anyone?

* It's not often I intentionally make a link that I know will soon be dead.

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March 12, 2007

All Gone A Bit Quiet

It's odd that, at a time when I'm spending most of my time thinking about the web, I have absolutely no time to look at the bloody thing. That's big projects for you.

I'm down to one blog I regularly read, a weekly look at flickr, and the rest of the non-work time goes on children, sleep and a tiny bit of piano practice - in that order.

I even doubt I'm going to get a chance to my Frost* remix this side of Christmas.

Still, thanks to all that ARPA planning, I'm sure the internet will still be here when I finally make it back. I'm just not sure who will own it by then.

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