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October 27, 2006

Perfect Fluff, Only Smarter.

As anyone who has met me will know, I am a soppy sod. While others get their rocks off on thrillers, horror and martial arts films, I'm never happier than when sat in front of a good romantic comedy.

So I was rather despairing that the wonderful film that saved me from the drudgery of the world cup, and which Vicky and I watched completely on our own in the Greenwich Filmworks on the night of an England game, looked like it was never going to make it out on DVD.

But yesterday, as I walked through Virgin, failing to buy Catherine Tate DVDs for work, I saw Imagine Me And You peering back at me.

I really can't recommend it highly enough. And I've not yet seen a review that manages to talk about the gay aspect of it with anything approaching the subtlety and deftness of the story itself. It's just such a beautifully crafted and balanced film, with brilliantly judged performances from all, so it never feels prurient or sensationalist - it's just a film about two people who fall in love but feel they can't be together. And as an audience member you're just willing them along - never expecting how well the film will handle the fallout from it.

If you have just a glimmer of fluffiness in your soul, do give this one a go.

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October 26, 2006

And we opened a bottle of cider...

I've been meaning to give a brief update to this blog for a while now, to say how the new job is going. When I left the previous employer, I blithely told everyone that they could keep an eye here and see what was going on with my life.

And since then I've barely touched the ground.

And it's bloody wonderful.

I'm immersed in an enormous project that's really going somewhere, which hit its first delivery milestone today. (Within the normal two-pages-of-qualification margin of error required around any project milestone I've ever seen.)

I'm briefly allowing myself a small sigh of relief, an evening off working till midnight, to wallow in this. Because tomorrow it's back on with trying to bring down the Music 14-16 part of BBC Jam. A twenty-page essay would have filled me with fear several year ago - this one is writing itself.

I'm excited, invigorated, working on great content, meeting interesting people, going to fascinating optimistic social jaunts, the proverbial whirl.

Meanwhile Milo's getting more interesting by the day, Daisy's become just fascinating, and Vicky can fit back into her old jeans.

Life's pretty good. And teetering on the edge of extreme exhaustion is a small price to pay.

(That from Monday we're going to finally be in our offices in Hammersmith rather than Stamford Brook is just icing on the cake.)

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October 02, 2006

They Grow Up Even Faster

This was, it seems only last week, my little cousin emily.

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A new door opens

So I begin my new job tomorrow. Eeek. How strange that, no matter how many horrible projects you've survived, no matter how deep your battle scars, no matter how much preparation you've done, the first day in a new job always feels like starting a new school.

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