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August 18, 2005

"Each with its own very slow Flash site"

Yay. Starzine made it into Guardian Online

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August 10, 2005

The Disappointment Behind Flu

There should definitely be a word for that gap in reality that opens up when you realise you're too ill to go to work the following day.

Your experiences may be different, but my head - within 15 seconds of the decision point - fills with all the hobbies and tasks and niggly chores and unread books that are still outstanding. And how great it is that you're going to have a day, maybe even two, to really get on top of them all.

Only you then realise you're too ill to do any of it, and have to lie in bed groaning.

I was really determined this was the time to finally crack some of the pieces in Albeniz's beautiful piano suite 'Iberia'.

Instead I listened to them, semi-consciously, on my ipod in bed.

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