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February 15, 2005

A passing notice.

Grab it while you can: That Mitchell And Webb Sound on 'listen again'.

NSFW, but only because most offices don't like you crying with laughter.

Personal favourites:
The football sketch containing 'the titan of Ipswich against the giant of Sunderland...making them both look normal size'
The German soldier who thinks they might be the bad guys.
And Science Fiction, written by people who couldn't be bothered to learn any science.

Do please enjoy while you are able.

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February 03, 2005

Absolute pure bloody genius.

The Freelance Hairdresser remix of 'Machadaynu' from the other day's "Look Around You".

(Now I just need to find a way to get this into my iPod, given that iTunes has completely given up the ghost)

Via BBC Comedy Blog

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And the Bafta might go to...

I've just been voting online for the final round of the Baftas. It's been a fun process, although I suspect I've taken it far more seriously than most. However there's one nomination I feel I absolutely *have* to rail against.

Why on *earth* is The Aviator nominated for best special effects?

There is what could be a truly stunning scene - the one I suspect everyone has in their minds - of Howard Hughes filming 'Hells Angels' with all those planes flying through the clouds, as close as you like, with 26 cameras mixed in among them. There are a couple of places where you can spot the CGI and the matting, but it's really rather good.

Except for one minor point.

It's mocking up, using modern techniques, something that Howard Hughes did *for real* in the 20s. They used computers and models to replicate all this stuff, when it had already been done in the medium not once, but (as the film is so keen to point out) twice before.

The Brian Coat award for Health and Safety? The Deloitte Touche award for costcutting and budget scrupulousness? Perhaps.

The award for special effects? I don't think so.

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February 01, 2005

Stapleford's Elbow

A lovely thing found on a trawl round the "Look Around You" site - the Mini-Trelm synthesizer.

Don't forget to listen to Synthesiser Patel's introduction though!

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