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March 21, 2006

I am become my own demographic

I'm slowly coming to terms with the real reason the likes of me play mobile games. Not that I play many, but when I do, they tend to be on my handset.

I will probably never get around to getting an Xbox or Playstation. Even now they've dipped under the magic £100 point.

And even if I did, I wouldn't have the time to play it anyway.

So my gaming has to be consigned to a cheap device I carry around with me for snatched moments when I just don't feel like a book, or Sudoku, or staring at more flashcards of chinese characters. But do feel like Lemmings.

(Actually the last point is a major bonus too. I'm odd in that I skipped most of the 'fun' computers one can have as a kid. We went straight from a ZX81 to dad's IBM XT with twin disk drives...and then pretty swiftly onto an AT with 20MB hard disk. So while others were playing Elite, I was playing with early vector graphics packages and a pen plotter. I was so desperate to play breakout, I got halfway through programming it as a fiendish set of macros in Lotus Symphony before realising it had no way to respond to realtime keystrokes. So finally I get to spend the time with Sonic etc I feel I never had. Bring on the BBC B and Spectrum emulators for Nokia Series 60...)

Posted by Tom Dolan at March 21, 2006 07:31 PM


Sold my Gamecube (Silver special edition) for £40 notes, the price of a game. Admittedly it complemented the Phillips recordable DVD and the only game played was LOTR trilogy. Completed it then off it went. Too much stuff in my apartment.
D'you ever get the feeling you own too much stuff? It gets to the point when the stuff actually starst to own you? Hence the obsession with miniturisation or single gadgets that do every thing. On this note i succumbed to the kitchen sink approach of the SE 900i (in Black not available in the UK, handset tester inside chap, no questions Tesco car park)with full XHTML web and email. Heh heh (Blackberry pah!) The games thing. Worked on old 16bit titles doing animation for scrolling shoot em ups in the late 80's, after early teens spent having electric dreams drooling with my nose against the window of the PC shops dickensian ragamuffin like fantasising over computer mags forthcoming arcade action titles, hanging in department stores typing 10 print "Patrick is a ****" 20 goto 10 [return] years away from actually owning a computer. Ahhh well, recently reduced my number of PCs owned from 5 to 3. Music, Download, Development box. Making up for lost time eh. PS I was swotting up for an interview with your good self at MTV when I chanced upon you Management techniques and blog. Did working at BBCi give you that regimented approach? Strangely enough I had forwarded preliminery proposals to EMAP, a company that owns (and under utilises) its numerous freeview/cable brands. This community, sharing, ipod world world eh. What exciting times we live in? I look forward to the rescheduled interview. Forgive any bloggin etiquette shortcomings, aside from being member of a few forums this malarkey is a bit new to me.

Cheers Daniel adigwe

Posted by: Danny Dunno [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 22, 2006 09:56 PM

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