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March 20, 2006

Dietary Economics

The last few weeks have been kind of hectic really. No time to post (and, as Chris 'not rageboy' Locke was also saying when I bumped into him at 3GSM, I'm not in a position to post the really interesting stuff).

The blog's not the only thing that's got ragged - finances are adrift, laundry and ironing piling up, garden overgrowing. Just part of a general mess of tiredness.

An unwelcome side-effect of this increased level of disorganisation is that our ability to book Sainsburys to come and deliver food at a time when we might actually be in, and be in a position to eat it, occasionally slips up. And last weekend, because we didn't have the time to go old-skool and actually visit the shops, we got Ocado in instead.

It was pricey. As Waitrose is.

But then I was thinking - why is Waitrose pricey? There's no pension fund or merchant bank breathing down its neck demanding year-on-year growth. There's no desperate need to cut costs to the point where the business is crippled just so the directors can get one more year's bonus out of the system. They don't feel the need to compete on the price of a tin of beans just to bring in the customers.

And the more I thought about it, the more I thought that Waitrose costs what it does because:

they have decent quality food*
they pay their suppliers decently
they pay their staff properly
they have enough staff

So actually, the price you pay at Waitrose is the price food should be costing.

Must remember to compare their wine prices with my very favourite mutual one day, just to find the price of that distribution and shelfspace.

* especially their Tiramisu - by far the best supermarket one

Posted by Tom Dolan at March 20, 2006 10:41 PM


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