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December 04, 2005


Region mismatch
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I wasn't expecting to be being arsey about the secure DVD player *quite* so quickly to be honest.

The whole ethos of the Cinea is that you have an individual dvd player, for which you get individual passwords to different content groups through their website. I type in my serial number, am validated, and if I have the right entry in their database am sent back a looooong key that makes that particular player able to view discs in the 'bafta' group. Very tightly controlled stuff.

It's a substantial piece of kit - heavy, good connectors, a power button that latches with a satisfying click. So didn't think too hard about whopping out my old 120-quid multiregion Toshiba.

Now, because they want this thing to reek Trust and Quality to movie execs, they also want to show they take the current business model Very Seriously. So my ultra-secure DVD player...is also region 2 coded.

To be honest, not a huge issue. I only watch a few region 1 discs a year.

But then, one of the very studios that has paid so much for me to have this piece of kit goes and sends me the already-released-so-doesn't-need-to-be-secure Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

On a region 1 disc.

You have to ask, do they take this stuff seriously or not?

I've had to head down to Maplin and buy a whole bunch of scart nonsense, just so I can now have *both* DVD players connected. The pile beneath the TV is no longer a pretty sight, or easy to use.


Posted by Tom Dolan at December 4, 2005 09:28 PM

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