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January 16, 2005

So that was last week..

[Most of the readers of this blog are used to having to work out the subtext, or even actual detail of the arguments, behind the ostensibly light and glib posts for themselves, but this is pushing it to the extreme. Time-poor is, I believe the phrase.]

Prince Harry seems to have rather summarised that age-old argument about whether white supremacists should be allowed to have a newsgroup. With all respect to the various people who may have been offended, if we ban Nazi regalia, how are we going to spot the absolute pillocks?

Someone who gets sent to jail for fifteen years for abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib and says they have 'no regrets' was enjoying it far too much. The 'only following orders' argument just doesn't hold water.

A harrowing 48hrs when we realised that our Tivo was playing up - having to watch 'normal telly' is something that shouldn't be wished on anybody. We felt shackled - unable to leave the room without good reason, and having to leave the tv on in ambient mode 'in case'. I guess we can diagnose from that that, despite the downside for lazy broadcasters and producers, the upside for on-demand viewing is a greater immersion and reverence for the programmes that are being watched.

For fans of CGI, Peter Gabriel's "Play" DVD is fascinating watching. it's quite incredible watching The Cutting Edge in hindsight, and seeing that it looks rather ropey by today's standards. The stop-motion videos have stood the test of time far better. But also interesting to see how many ideas he had first. The iconic far-too-long stretch limo from Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" was in his vid to 'Steam' around 8 years earlier. The man must have been personally funding far too mcuh of SIGGRAPH for the best part of 15 years...

Which to buy on Jan 31st? The new Lemon Jelly album on CD or DVD?

Other stuff in my del.icio.us page. Must get round to feeding that into here somehow.

[Tales too long to be told for now: The flickr contact that finally unmasked themselves; the sinking feeling when bafta tv award DVDs started turning up through the letterbox; some new people-management cockups I've observed; Making a start on documenting some of those ancient thoughts on interactive narrative before they're no use to anyone.]

See you next week?

Posted by Tom Dolan at January 16, 2005 11:30 PM

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