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June 21, 2004

Always the last to know...

So why oh why oh why, has nobody told me about Joel on Software? How can I have been stumbling around the web for so damn long and never come across it? A person after my own heart, taking knowledge and experience, and turning it into approachable wisdom. (Only, I suspect, slightly better knowledge, and as a result, better wisdom.) And, to be honest, it's only tangentially about software!

I particularly enjoyed this ancient piece on Fire and Motion. I've noticed that customer-facing teams within organisations sometimes use this approach internally as a way of keeping the production/development team so busy they never get to have the ideas - becoming the painters and decorators for the salesmen, who then question why they need these 'creatives' anyway. But then there are also the coders who use the same techniques to ensure the spec is never signed off and the project never happens while the development bill grows ever bigger.

Anyway, one for the 'hypothetical people to have a pint with' list...

And thanks to Andy and Yoz for the link double-whammy.

Posted by Tom Dolan at June 21, 2004 09:12 PM

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I agree with you re Joel; I tripped across him ages ago and had much the same reaction: he has his eye firmly on reality. If you sign up to his list, you'll get his new missives as they come out (rarely).

In similar vein but utterly different arena (life rather than just software) (although, as a project, its focus on maintaining the software's key strengths is astounding), check out Llamagraphics.com. And as a to-do-list loather, I unreservedly recommend you try their top-down prioritiser/balancer.


Posted by: Saltation at June 29, 2004 01:49 PM

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