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May 17, 2004

Intellectual Sartory

[god knows if that is a word, but pressing on...]

As I left Oxford Circus this morning I saw a tourist in their early twenties with his girlfriend. To be honest I only notice him because he had Matt Jones' hair. But he was wearing a dark blue t-shirt that made me think. Printed, in faux urban, faux stencil, faux poor, faux distressed, lettering was the large message in block capitals


That's a nice piece of design, I thought. And then thought again.

What if it actually *was* the property of Guess Jeans?

CDs seem to be slowly turning into the physical embodiment of a software licence - a token that grants you the right to listen to the music. (Under certain, rapidly diminishing, conditions)

Perhaps this piece of clothing was actually the same - the right to wear their logo, to parade their intellectual property as part of your life? If it can be done with one medium with huge financial turnover and vested (sorry) interests, why not another?

You'd better be careful that you don't start wearing that Calvin Klein t-shirt in bed - you could be violating the terms of use. If you'd wanted to do that, you should have bought a Calvin Klein *nightshirt*!

So the lesson is simple - keep reading the text surrounding the washing instructions carefully, and any item of clothing posh enough to have one of those dangly booklets attached to the sleeve - beware!

Posted by Tom Dolan at May 17, 2004 09:28 PM

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