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January 26, 2004

The eye of the storm.

So that's all that hassle over with.

I had ten hours sleep last night. I normally have around five, so this is big-league stuff for me.

I am enjoying it while it lasts. This afternoon, hopefully, this house will have a baby in it, and things will never be the same again.

Posted by Tom Dolan at January 26, 2004 09:18 AM

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That really is spectacularly wonderful lovely news...cannot wait to meet the smallest Dolan.


Posted by: Naomi at January 26, 2004 12:03 PM

Well done all you kids

Posted by: Marv at January 26, 2004 12:35 PM

More pix plz. We want a close up on that Spadger nose.

Posted by: Clare at January 26, 2004 02:56 PM

Congrats. Hope you're all OK. And remember, that brown stuff at the other end, it's supposed to look like that for a bit!

Posted by: Gislon at January 26, 2004 02:59 PM

Ah, well I know. I had my first experience with the treacly goo just this morning. The temptation to just hand it over to Vicky was huge, but I gritted my teeth and did my bit.

(Comment made while wary of showing off about things that women are expected to do naturally. The 'give me extra attention because I did the washing up' syndrome.)

And thanks for all these comments everyone. Vicky's going to hugely enjoy reading them when she gets home later.

Posted by: Tom Dolan at January 26, 2004 03:06 PM


Baby looks beautiful and no Wookie hair!

Best wishes to the Family Dolan.

Hope you are all very, very well and remember to raise the child through its life with one non-true rule.

Such as always calling the kettle 'lovemuff.'

Continually asking 'darling, has the lovemuff boiled yet?' could lead to amusing mishaps when your child makes the tea on her very first job... "I've just filled the lovemuff if anyone fancies a cup?"

*Steve looks left, then right, then grabs coat and runs over the horizon into the sunset shouting "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGRATULATIONS!"

Posted by: Steve Saul at January 27, 2004 04:00 PM

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