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January 24, 2004

Well that was plain awful

Okay, still no real news.

The doctors spent most of today trying to get Vicky revved back up again. Her body, being Not Ill, wanted quite rightly to do it in its own time.

Unfortunately she was down in the labour ward by the time this started, and so after an hour she was transferred into the assessment area - a shared room full of women in various stages of labour waiting for a proper delivery room to become available. One of them was very vocal, and more so whenever anyone did anything to her. Mind you, some of the midwives were just plain brutal. The accompanying phrase 'no pain no baby' - delivered in a clipped chinese accent - will stick with me for a long time. It was like that horribly memorable bit in Dennis Potter's "Raizing Lazarus" where they have a prisoner they want to talk, so they just play 'the scream tape' outside his cell.

We had, in the space of two hours, gone from an airy light room with space to walk talk and chat, into a boiling daylightless hopeless hell.

I could find nothing cheering to say. We spent most of the day in silence while they used up two more of their 'goes' on the gel, and caesareans loomed ever closer.

I left to come home and do a bit of work with a heavy heart - I had something that *had* to be done by 7pm tomorrow - expecting to use up our last go late tonight. After that things would get grim.


I've just had a call to say that things have moved on a bit, so we might be off again tomorrow morning. And we've both been told to get some rest for what's to come.

I feel very blessed to be in my surroundings tonight. My thoughts, however, are all focussed elsewhere.

Tomorrow is going to be grim again, but hopefully we can avoid using the side exit. The last thing Vicky needs is an extended post-natal stay!

Posted by Tom Dolan at January 24, 2004 09:27 PM

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God what a day! really feeling for both of you. Can't really say anything that can make you feel any better except that you are in my thoughts and am sending you lots of love. Manda said to pass her love on too. Get lots of rest and try to stay positive.

take care, lots of love Nix xxx

Posted by: Nix at January 24, 2004 10:03 PM

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