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December 20, 2003

Conspiracy of Prejudice

One of the things I found when I was last 'resting' is that you should sign on the day you stop work. Even if there are a bunch of things coming up, you can't be sure they'll come off, and if you do get yourself into a pickle they'll ask why you hadn't signed on ages ago. Retrospective is not a word the employment service understands.

And if you're actually looking for a job, and are qualified for the things you're trying to find a job in, it's actually a pretty painless process. The staff treat you with respect, and the jobseekers form is genuinely useful - to the point where it's now become a spreadsheet I use to track calls and actions from them.

So I'm in the jobcentre, signing on for the first time and I say to the rather nice chap behind the desk "So when do I next have to sign on?"

"Ah, not for four weeks"

"Hooray! Well, and good for you too."

"Hahaha. Gosh no, I wish I had four weeks off"

And then there's an awkward silence as we both realise what we've done.

Despite the fact I am jobhunting, I've just acted as though the dole is a way of having a holiday. And he, despite the fact he's there to ensure I'm fully empowered and actively jobhunting, acted as though I was going to doss around for four weeks.

Neither of us meant that, but a wrongfooted moment put us both back into a tv-led cliche from the early 80s.

He did give me the money though...

Posted by Tom Dolan at December 20, 2003 11:46 AM

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Posted by: Peter Atkinson at March 6, 2004 10:18 PM

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