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October 29, 2003

Have Data, Will Get Nostalgic

Well, it's with great joy that I've now managed to get MySQL working on the TiBook. (It worked, but I couldn't get any users to connect to it. And if PaulH can get stuck on that, then I don't see why I should feel guilty admitting it.)

It's all rather exciting actually. Way back in the days before I became a luminary (ha) of interactive media, I was a suit-wearing corporate systems analyst, designing foxy reporting systems for the ex-consultant brigade on one hand, and order input systems for truck drivers on the other. (Not *that's* a usability test! :-)

And I gave it all up. I got into the media. New Media.

I built lots of websites in HTML. I got really good at it. Moved up the ladder. Became a 'Head of...'

So there I was. King of all things web. King of all things database. And at no point had the two worlds collided.

But it's time to put an end to all that. I'm fed up with relying on developers to build things who don't read my spec documents, don't look at the wireframes, and don't play with the flatfile HTML mockup. And I'm pretty sure I can do it myself in the time it takes to nag them.

All I have to do now is deal with the horrifying realisation that I'm so old and grey that SQL wasn't actually standardised when I learnt it...

Posted by Tom Dolan at October 29, 2003 11:53 PM

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Next stop, my mortal terror of stylesheets.

Why can't they do it in tables like they did in my day? It were good enough when I were a lad...

Posted by: Tom Dolan at October 29, 2003 11:56 PM

I'm right there with you brother... I recommend the O'Rielly book for CSS. Some of it's literally backwards if you're used to thinking table rows and columns. I still haven't worked that bit out yet. Maybe I should just read the book from the start instead of doing a 'hunt and peck' job of solving problems. I think there are some fundamentals one must know. If I find any 'gems of wisdom' equivalent to when you first learned about the joy of the nested table, I'll pass them to you. :)

Posted by: Ant at October 31, 2003 10:14 PM

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