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October 03, 2003

If only they knew the price in pounds...

A VH1 poll says that 89% of music buyers think CDs aren't priced fairly.

8% think $14-$17 is okay, but 46% think $10-$13 is fairer. And 43% think $6-$9 is fairer.

Or to put it in pounds, £12, £8 and £6. Makes you think doesn't it?

I also wonder about just how much I've managed to adapt to the UK's pricing levels that one of my immediate concerns is whether it would be possible for musicians to survive on that. (Mind you they make footling amounts on each CD sale anyway...)

But what would the effect of this be, figuratively integrating the curve... If CDs were cheaper would I buy more, less or the same. I have to say the answer is 'marginally more'. But I'd quickly get used to the new pricing level and start thinking 'oooh £7 for an artist I've never actually *heard*, perhaps not'.

And would I physically spend more cash? Would more money flow through this particular sub-economy? You know, I don't think I would.

Posted by Tom Dolan at October 3, 2003 02:55 PM

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