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July 30, 2003

iTrip beware

I have to admit that the Griffin Technology iTrip isn't working as well as I had hoped.

The car radio can only occasionally latch on to the signal. The transmitter has to be in the right place - i.e. the back seat. It has to be transmitting strongly before you turn the radio on or FM capture takes the radio to the nearest station.

It works fine in an ambient environment - we can get a radio in the same room to tune into it quite happily.

However, within the Faraday cage of a Peugeot 307 car body, it doesn't perform.

After having paid $35 for the product, $30 shipping, and £18 duty, I'm more than a little disappointed.

More info if it suddenly starts working.

Posted by Tom Dolan at July 30, 2003 01:04 AM

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the luddite in me says can't you just buy one of those old-fashioned "fake cassette" contraptions where you stick that in the cassette bay of your automobile stereogram [as i believe they are called these days] and hook the lead up to the headphone socket of the iPod. these fancy dan wireless solutions aren't going to last you know :-)

Posted by: martin at July 31, 2003 01:39 AM

Ah, but the problem with cars these days is that they no longer come with cassette players. CD players are now much cheaper to put in. 'As a benefit to you'.

We successfully used one of those cassette jobbies for ages on the old car. With our new Peugeot 307 (courtesy of MyDrive) we don't have the option.

Ironically, the thing started working again almost imediately after the post...I have yet to see how it's performing today.

Posted by: Tom D at July 31, 2003 10:37 AM

oh, have you seen these - apparently you are indulging in criminal activity. how exciting.


Posted by: martin at August 1, 2003 10:43 AM

My iTrip is done, I think. The jack popped out of the white "shell" and has been pretty flimsy since. This morning, I tried to dial up iTrip and got nothing but incessant digital bleating. I've used this for less than six months.

Be very aware of the Griffin iTrip. It's not worth it.

Posted by: baker at April 30, 2004 06:40 PM

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