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July 24, 2003

If Richard Can, Why Can't I?

Richard Herring has managed to relax his shoulders.

I'm jealous. I can't. Ever.

(Well, I can by accident for a few minutes, but not as a matter of course.)

Everything somehow ends up making me tense my shoulders. Talking. Walking. Typing. Thinking. Sitting. Sleeping. Perhaps it's indicative of my internal struggle - to overcome my natural lethargy and scatterbrainedness I have to turn every action into a melodramatic me-vs-everything struggle. Or perhaps I'm just stupid.

If anyone has any tips...?

Posted by Tom Dolan at July 24, 2003 03:17 PM

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it's because you're tall i'd imagine. to communicate face to face you often have to look down on people. because you are not snotty type, you hunch your shoulders to appear smaller, as lots of tall people have to. it's a sign of being a nice person . the solution is to make friends with lots of basketball players :-)

Posted by: Martha at July 24, 2003 03:59 PM

I've a dreadful back after an operation and a paintballing (my one and only time) injury. As you know I too am tall and as a result of all of this I was getting stiffer and stiffer. However, for the past three months I have been doing Yoga (a brill DVD if you are interested) and it is making a real difference - like i can touch my toes!

Posted by: Euan at July 24, 2003 09:01 PM

my shoulders are buggered as a result of being on crutches for so long, and my top tips for relaxing your shoulders are:

- as euan said, yoga is good: what was even better for me (though your mileage may vary) was pilates, which is fab for stretching and sorting out back and neck/shoulder type isses

- couple of stretches exercises you can do: hold onto the sides of a door frame and gently fall back so your arms really stretch out, you'll feel it in your shoulders - hold for ten, then step forward, don't pull yourself back with your arms,m as that'll just undo the exercise

also good is to hug your shoulders with the alternate hands, so your elbows make a kind of beak shape, then do large figure eight shapes, to loosen the shoulders up

- last resort, you might want to consider seeing an osteopath, I can't speak highly enough of the wonders of having your bones cracked for loosening everything up, aaah

hope that helps!

Posted by: katy at July 24, 2003 10:46 PM

You spend a large part of your day at a heyboard. Look at the position your arms are in - you pull your shoulders forward to get your hands in the right position. You may find you get tension in the front of your thighs, and your lower back. It's all connected like a great big... um... spiraly webbing of interconnected muscles, really.

A Swept keyboard will help.

But, I'm told, the best thing ever is Alexander technique. I'm going to try it. Soon.

If you ever get cold or tingly fingertips, see a physiotherapist!

Posted by: Kim at July 31, 2003 11:56 AM

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