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July 16, 2003

PS. Ta.

To all the people posting lovely messages, both here and via email, about my forthcoming parenthood. Vix and I have had taken great joy in (and perhaps a bit of courage from) reading them.

Posted by Tom Dolan at July 16, 2003 10:26 PM

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Get your insomnia training in now. Go to bed at 8pm. Set your alarm for 11pm. Wake up at 9.30pm because the people over the road coughed. Go to sleep. Wake at 10.50pm. Wait for the alarm. Go to sleep at 12. Set alarm for 2am. Wake at 1am to hear cat yawning in next street. Go to sleep. Wake at 2am. Go to sleep. Wake at 4am. Alarm set to 5.30am. Wake, then go to do a full day at work. Repeat for six months, or until insane. Welcome to parenthood.

On the other hand, you never know what true love is until you look into the eyes of your child. That makes it all worthwhile.

Posted by: Larry Lurex at July 22, 2003 02:56 PM

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