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July 09, 2003

Men-ist Theatre

I cannot recommend Taylor's Dummies, a play by physical theatre company Gecko, highly enough.

I saw an early version of this a little over a year ago and was pretty blown away then, but they have listened to some of what the critics have said and changed it into something utterly amazing.

I know what you're thinking... "physical theatre, yeah, that's just all that de la guarda poncing rubbish".

This play, despite having virtually no words, and absolutely none spoken by the central character, is one of the most moving things I have seen in ages.

It's also very strange to see a play where the men are explaining it to the women afterwards in the bar.

This work manages to capture, in a series of vignettes, all the frustrations, pressures, desires, egos and baggage in being a man. It also deals exquisitely with men and their relation with 'the abstract concept of women'. (Trust me, it makes sense - and you realise the truth behind it - when you see it.)

It also deals exquisitely with time. But I can't tell you any more or it'll spoil it.

So forget the 'all men are savages really' bollocks of Fight Club. Go see some real insight into how we work.

Posted by Tom Dolan at July 9, 2003 01:37 PM

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