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June 26, 2003

Not sure about the interface, but...

It's nice to see something really innovative and art-like from the commercial world - MTV's Exquisite Corpse was a video-based version of the surrealists parlour game where a poem, drawing or story was written collaboratively, but where the participants could only see the line before.

The name "Exquisite Corpse" came from one of the phrases the technique produced at first.

I remember using this to draw silly people and creatures when I was a child - someone would draw the head and fold the bit of paper over showing just two stumps of lines. Someone else would draw the body, not knowing if it was a spaceman or a monster or a baby's face above.

Graham Oakley, who wrote and illustrated the fab and witty "The Church Mouse" books, made a great book called "Magical Changes" that worked on the same principle - fab paintings but cut down the middle. You could mix the bottom of any RH page with the top of any other RH page. This 'childrens book' spent a long long time doing the rounds at my dad's office.

MTV commissioned a bunch of tv graphics people to produce 3 seconds of video - and they could only see the three seconds previous to it.

The results are fascinating. Sometimes a little self-consciously wierd, but definitely worth a look.

I think 'red' is my current favourite. Click on the "bandwidth/real/wma" links to see the whole piece. The pic of an aeroplane shows which country did which bit.

(And yes, I admit to having an interest in said company)

Posted by Tom Dolan at June 26, 2003 11:09 AM

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