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March 25, 2003

Trumping Euan

The Obvious? was writing about iChatStatus the other day, and how he and Matt Jones had been comparing notes on their music collections and the conversational triggers that iChat provides.

The other day I found a friend and I trying to sum up a particularly grim bit of relationship rubbish by playing tracks at eachother. And over time we realised that we were playing music *the other person didn't know* to illustrate a point, and *they couldn't hear it*. How strangely anthropomorphic - we treat this little avatar as so 'there' we can play songs to it. (Even though mine is a pic of my cat).

But today it got wierder. I actually got an IM from Simon@Mutual Misunderstanding saying simply:


And there, in iChatStatus, we were both playing 'Talk Talk', by Talk Talk.

Two avatars connecting? Is this the beginning of The Matrix?

Posted by Tom Dolan at March 25, 2003 02:10 PM

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well, my little picture in iChat is of louise, so you send song titles to her, yet i send song titles to a cat (as lovely as she is)....

one of us *is* mad :-)


Posted by: Simon Thornton at March 25, 2003 02:18 PM

I had Talk Talk on my minidisc this morning, during my journey into work.

I think my head's about to explode with the sheer mindfuck of it all.

Posted by: Vaughan at March 25, 2003 08:47 PM

tom - did i ever show you my Daemon project while you were at the Beeb? Remind me...

Posted by: matt at March 26, 2003 03:33 PM

Sounds intriguing. Unless of course it's just you playing with inetd.conf for kicks. :-)

We'll have to hook up soon for a catchup! I'll give you a shout next time I'm venturing into town.

Posted by: Blatant Optimism at March 27, 2003 02:08 PM

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