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March 04, 2003

Five...myths about TiVo

(This one kind of bugs me. Lots of people in telly, particularly US commercial telly, started ranting on ages ago about how TiVo was going to destroy everything, and these terrible things would happen. Without, as far as i can tell, asking the right questions.)

People skip adverts - yes, they do. But once you've seen an advert once, you remember it, and its message, while watching it on fastforward.
People skip adverts - yes, they do. But they also rewind to look at adverts that looked interesting.
People don't look at trailers for other shows - yes, they do. Without picking up a listings magazine, it's one of the key ways of finding out what other programmes are on. So please make sure that the time and date are clearly in vision so we can pause and programme!
It's the death of the channel. Erm, EPGs need to get a *lot* more smart before they offer the browsing experience of paper. When i get the radio times, I know which channels the things I like are on, and I'll look at those channels in that order.
People only watch the shows they already know. Well, that's possibly true in the US. But then there's much more of a big-season-and-sprint-to-syndication model there. Series are 13 episodes at least, and there's a large archive of old stuff to be plundered for lots of the big hits. In the UK we are used to things only being on for 6 weeks, and then having to find out what's going to be on next. That 'appointment to watch' is only ever transitory. Grazing is in our blood. Oh, and I now delete episodes of 'will and grace' I've seen before.

Posted by Tom Dolan at March 4, 2003 12:09 AM

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