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August 03, 2002

I [verb] [inane waffle]

While hunting for blogs on ageless that are around the same age as the missus' I found this on Lisa Carrol's blog.

I AM: more bitter and unhappy than I first appear.
I THINK: almost entirely about the things I've done wrong that don't matter.
I KNOW: that I can't go through with hurting anyone, and they can tell.
I WANT: to hate my limitations less
I HAVE: a bit of a hangover
I WISH: I could talk to people about themselves
I HATE: people who are careless - as in acting without care for others.
I MISS: being able to stay up late and get up unaffected
I FEAR: being found out as not being as clever as I thought I was
I HEAR: rain, bjork, my wife sleeping and the joyous yaps of a cat.
I SEARCH: for ways to work harder and play harder, rather than this wierd grey all-day work-meets-home thing I currently do
I WONDER: if it *was* something I did
I REGRET: not being good at sport
I LOVE: the missus, the cats, friends and family, acquiring new gadgets
I ACHE: across my shoulders - the home for all my stress
I CARE: too much whether people like me
I ALWAYS: am looking to see what else is going on
I AM NOT: a geek
I DANCE: under extreme duress, but with gusto
I SING: better than I think, I'm told. It's the choice of material
I CRY: nowhere near as often as I need to
I DO NOT ALWAYS: do the things I tell people I'm going to
I FIGHT: to prove that my team have better ideas than the next guy, and should be rewarded
I WRITE: self-referential crap that occasionally has a veneer of authenticity or profundity
I WIN: if there's a 'Hundred Reasons Singer Lookalike' competition
I LOSE: pens
I CONFUSE: some people by talking far too fast about things I think I've already explained
I LISTEN: when I'm not distracted by thinking about the thing you've just told me
I NEED: someone to tell me it's all going to be all right in the end
I AM HAPPY ABOUT: this macintosh laptop, and having such a wonderful wife - even though she's far too sad at the moment.
I SHOULD: do more and worry less.

Posted by Tom Dolan at August 3, 2002 04:46 PM

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It's going to be all right in the end. Really.

Posted by: Piers at August 8, 2002 05:00 PM

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