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June 11, 2002

More Xcom

Cory Doctorow and Tom Coates (European weblog of the year, as he was so embarrasingly reminded every three minutes :-) both have good things to say about XCom2002.

Which I don't necessarily agree with all of, but then perhaps it's the right moment to spend some time reading *more* things I don't agree with.

Denise Wilton from b3ta (pronounced "beeta", not "bayta" or "bee-three-tee-ay") was a real anomaly - her lurker-to-poster ratio is less than 1%, and her moderation systems seem to really reinforce good stuff.

I still think that we should be hunting for a method of measuring authenticity. Google is as near as we've got at the moment, but TomC rightly pointed out that you could link to a reactionary bigot saying "what a reactionary bigot" and they'd go up in the search engines. There needs to be a wrapper that carries some information about the context of those links with it..."it's heavily linked - and here's *why*".

Also, there was a lot of talking about whether blogging was the new journalism. As I'm sure you lot have guessed, I simply can't be arsed to write x-thousand words per week on demand about something new. I want others to do that for me. I'll pay for a physical thing, or "pay" by linking from my own blog if it's published online. But I expect a blog to be fundamentally personal, transient and faintly sloppy. A blog that's just how-many-links-can-I-cram-into-one-post-to-prove-how-erudite-I-am doesn't interest me at all. I have search engines for that!

Posted by Tom Dolan at June 11, 2002 11:13 AM


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