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April 26, 2002

Little Black and White Sods

Little Black and White Sods

I'm having a problem with Magpies. All the recent changes have somehow made me very suspicious. (In a kind of optimistic forward-looking way) And I think this has coincided with the Magpie seasonal equivalent of "but I always go down the pub with the lads on a Thursday!"

For some reason they just never seem to appear in pairs at the moment. And they're bloody everywhere. Taunting me with their little pecky faces.

Right now, my sense of self is so young and fragile that I need all the help I can get, and trying not to worry about just about everything in a life-consuming way takes all my concentration. But I'm worrying about whether my house is going to have been vandalised when I get home - and there's a single magpie. Will the car start - a single magpie. Will anyone realise I'm spending far too much time blogging when I should be doing some real work? Single magpie, sitting on the fence, staring at me.

So of course, all this ties in with the (very potential, I have to keep reminding myself) new house. This place we're trying to take on has problems. A few worrying cracks that are probably okay for its age, but you never know.

Now the car battery wasn't flat, and our current house hasn't been vandalised, and I can still keep my head above water at work.

So are all those single magpies conspiring to warn me off buying the house instead? It makes you think...

Posted by Tom Dolan at April 26, 2002 08:35 PM


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